Michigan Gets Movies

Thanks to Insert Credit for the link to the official site for Spike’s upcoming first-person camera man horror game Michigan.

Be warned, the site contains content that is not safe for work. Specifically, clicking on the flashing phone will take you to Spike’s promotional live-action videos for Michigan (they are terrible, skip them), which star an actress who wears little. Links from that area are more explicit (the actress, Yinling, is apparently not adverse to nudity), so consider yourself warned.

However, scantily-clad random women aside, the site does have some good information about the game, including screenshots and in-game movies:

The screen shots and in-game movies are work safe.

The release dates between the movies and the web site conflict. We reported two months ago that Michigan was due for release in Japan on July 22nd, but the information page on the official site lists the release date as August 5th. Either way, it should be out pretty soon.

The movies and screen shots on the official site are interesting, as we’ve heard very little about what Michigan will play like. It appears that game play will revolve around making decisions as you film. In one of the movies, we see the player looking at a man who has fallen down onto some train tracks. The man complains that he’s hurt his leg and is unable to climb back up onto the platform. The screen glows with a “Press X to Help” icon. The movie cuts before we can see what happens, but before it does the man becomes frantic and we can hear the sounds of a train approaching in the background. It seems that most interaction will probably be of this nature: choose to interact or not. Again, a departure to the regular run-of-the-mill survival horror formula.

Fairly disappointing about the information on the official site is the apparent focus on digital T&A. In addition to the racy live-action promotional videos, many of the screen shots and movie footage suggest that the player will spend a lot of time peering through their lens at polygonal breasts and asses. This is really too bad, as I am sure the game experience will consequently be cheapened. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

3 thoughts on “Michigan Gets Movies

  1. Yinling isn’t timid about her opinions is she?
    Ouch. No GOP membership for her.
    Michigan looks interesting but it doesn’t
    have a snowballs chance in heck of coming here.

  2. http://spooky.ms11.net/index.html
    Chris, you already know my feelings about video games that dwell on jiggling boobies. As a female (maybe I should qualify this to ‘straight’ female), I got burnt out – and not only offended – by lots of shots of boobies and other female anatomy.

  3. Yeah, I am right there with you, spookycreepy. I’m even part of the target audience for this stuff, but I just find it depressing. I guess Spike (the developers of Michigan) don’t feel the game will sell on its merits alone–that must really suck to have so little confidence in your own product. Pretty disappointing.

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