8 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet!

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    Sorry Chris I gotta admit that I didn’t believe this at first. I thought for sure someone edited the Wikipedia page for the fun of it. Then I looked around the net and confirmed that the lamest name to ever be attached to a survival horror is TRUE!

    What was wrong with Necro-Nesia? Even if it was lame I was looking forward to a survival horror to play on my Wii, now I’m hesitant to buy even a mediocre game title like this simply because I don’t want a game called “Escape From Bug Island” in my collection. Sigh.

  2. somethign i just thought id ask on the topic of updates, how come resident evil deadly silence isnt on the horror list, granted its handheld but you cant get much more s.h…ey than resident evil 1.

  3. Wow. That doesn’t even sound like a Survival Horror Game anymore. More like a cutesy Jump’n Run, like “Mario & Luigi: Escape from Bug Island” xD

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