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Destructoid has an extremely through write-up of Sweet Home, the best I’ve seen. It’s also the most information you can find about this game in English, as far as I can tell. If you are interested in the history of the Resident Evil series, or want to see how horror games on the NES work, check it out.

PS: I am not dead, only sleeping. Actually, I’m not sleeping at all, and that’s the problem. Updates to resume soon, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Home on Destructoid

  1. Spotted that article earlier today. A good read, especially since it seems most in-depth info on this game you have to dig up. Glad to see your still around!

  2. Well written article. I didn’t know that Sweet Home was a movie, now I’ll have to hunt it down.
    The box-art for the game is striking; it sets a great scene and is scary in itself. In some way, it also tells a story. I guess it provides a reference when the graphics my not suffice.

    Thanks for pointing out the article.

  3. http://glown.wordpress.com
    Awesome game, I’ll have to read the article.

    The movie is silly. Nothing special, but it’s definitely not terrible. I saw it a few months ago on Youtube, Japanese with English subtitles. Low quality, but what do you expect?

  4. I would still say that no matter what the developers claim, Resident Evil has nothing to do with Sweet Home and everything to do with Alone in the Dark. It’s a straightforward Alone in the Dark clone down to the details.

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