9 thoughts on “Amazingly Great Siren Ad

  1. Can I just say that this has never been shown the UK…

    There was a really creepy ad for Silent Hill back in the day that had no footage of the game until the very end. It had 2 policemen going into an apartment building with these tennents inside freaking out about something upstairs. When the one cop finally has the nerve to open the door all you briefly see is a dead carcass.

    It only got shown at late night and I think it just got pulled in the end.

  2. Are you saying it was never shown in the UK Townsend or just that you never saw it?

    Pretty sure i remember seeing that ad when it was first released, i’ve definitely seen it somewhere before anyway. But they did also used another, shorter ad which used actual game footage.

  3. There was an advert for Forbidden Siren, but it wasn’t this one.

    Besides it’s too long for a TV advert. Maybe it was designed for the cinema.

  4. I’ve seen a few adverts that long before, even longer in fact. I remember the Dreamcast launch advert, it was about 5 minutes… but they only showed it the once.

    Very good point about cinema though, thats a strong possibility.

  5. Nice add, Chris. How’s it going? Roman got turned away at Narita; the ticket handlers in Vegas said he was all set to go, but apparently there was something not in order for his passport and green card.

  6. I honestly did not enjoy the game and took it back to where I rented it and asked to rent a different one. I loved the creepiness. I just found the game itself quite unnecessarily obnoxious to play. I love that preview video though.

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