Set Phasers to “Mildly Irritate”

This evening I completed Silent Hill 4, and I’ve posted by thoughts on the info page. I finished the game in 8 hours with 38 (!) saves. I found all the notes and received 13 stars. I don’t know if that is good or not. I got the “Mother” ending, which seemed pretty good (it was fairly hard to accomplish). Anyway, check out my thoughts and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Set Phasers to “Mildly Irritate”

  1. well, I guess is the ending where you save Eileen and destroy Walter, I like the ending song, but I think, is the same for all the endings.

    I have seen “the 21 sacraments” and “mother” (mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb, ups not talking about pink floyd).

    I’ve heard that you must “clean” your room, and save eileen to see the best ending.

  2. To get the best ending you have to rid 80%or more of the evil that seeps into your room and save Eileen.

    Then you can sit back and watch the only perfectly happy ending Silent Hill ending has ever made.

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