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This morning I decided to browse some of the entries for the Silent Hill Poster Contest, but I found that a gallery isn’t provided on Sony’s site. So I wrote a very simple script to display the entries. There appear to be around 2000 entries at the moment, though I think it’s safe to assume that more will come online.

Note that this script won’t aid you in voting for an actual entry. That can only be done by receiving a special link from the person who created the entry (many have been posted on forums around the net). But this script is pretty good for browsing. I wrote about this contest a few weeks ago.

6 thoughts on “Silent Hill Poster Viewer

  1. This is awesome. No, really. Thanks!

    You could also browse them by changing the number in the address, but that S U C K E D.

    Thanks man.

  2. The best so far have to be the simple ones, e.g. where it’s just a figure in the fog. That’s all you need really.

    The rest look like the stuff you find on the covers of straight-to-video releases. Oh and no more taglines…some are just too awful to describe!

  3. Twonsehnd, I agree with you totally. The best ones are the simple ones.

    I entered the contest myself (I’d rather not say which one is mine), and mine is a simple design. I did not put any tag lines on my poster – I felt that to do so would’ve been “cheesey.”

    I had predicted (to family and friends) before Sony posted all the designs on their site that the simple ones would be the best.

    I told my friends and family that the worst ones would include stuff that looks as though a marginally talented 20 year old Art Institute student had designed it, to looking as though a chimp had access to photoshop. And I was right.

    Some people are overly fond of the filters that ship with Photoshop, while others are terrible at composition.

    Some of the contestants didn’t keep purpose and audience in mind – this poster is intended to look like something you’d see at a movie theater.

    I saw one design that was excellent, but it looked more appropriate for a paperback novel cover than a movie poster.

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