Siren 3

The MagicBox is reporting that Siren 3 for PS3 has been announced by sony. No details yet, but I think that rules.

Now if we can just get them to release Siren 2 here in America.

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  1. Siren 2 was supposed to come here, but now its looking like only a company like Atlus could bring it here.

    But yay for Siren 3.

  2. Siren 3? GREAT!

    Now if only they actually make this one great like the original. Siren 2 was a my biggest letdown of the year, despite having the better story. I dunno, it just wasn’t scary and a few missions felt like chores. Shocking that I feel that way…

    BUT! I know Project Siren are very attentive with feedback and the problems of Siren 1 were nearly ironed out in Siren 2. So hopefully, Siren 3 will be the best of the lot. Providing they lengthen the levels (2’s missions aren’t scary cos you don’t play them long enough basically) and stop the mission 1/mission 2 structure altogether.

    Though I’m loving Yakuza/Like A Dragon at the mo. And they’ve already got a sequel nearly finished. I drool with anticipation and I haven’t even finished the first one yet!

  3. Good news and I expect #3 to be fantastic (unlike Townsend, I thought the 2nd game was an excellent game and a lot better than the first). Unfortunately, I have no desire to pick up a PS3 any time in the near future – $600 for a console seems really excessive particularly when you can pick up the Wii & X-Box 360 together for about that much. Still, a high quality Siren 3 would make picking up a PS3 a few years down the road after it’s gotten a few price drops much more desirable.

    And I’d love it if Atlus decided to bring Siren 2 over as I’ve been pleased with their localization efforts since the late PS1 era (there were a few problems with their early PS games). Maybe they were testing the waters with Rule of Rose? Heck, they wouldn’t even need to do much seeing as how there’s already a European version of the game.

  4. I won’t be getting a PS3 for a year or two or three, so this is sort of a let down. Why can’t they get Siren 2 over to the US? I’ve been checking out eBay for an import PS2 just so I can get Siren 2. Sad huh? But I REALLY loved the first Siren (it’s probably my top game of all time, well, PROBABLY…) so it’s killing me that 2 is still out of reach.

    If sales are so bad that they can’t import it to the US, how can they afford to do a new game for the mammoth PS3?

  5. I totally agree that Siren 2 wasn’t as scary as the original. I think it was because you didn’t have to worry as much about surviving when you made your next move. It had a lot of better gameplay mechanics, but scare factor? No.

  6. Yeah, that’s the other thing I noticed.

    If you messed up in Siren 2, you could easily just defend yourself and carry on with the plan (or throw it out the window). Some levels, like Takashi’s, I hardly sightjacked and went through the levels all guns blazing. Similarly, the same carelessness was applied with with Mamoru’s, Ichiko’s and Yorito’s missions. Only Shu, Kanae and sometimes Yorito had missions where you had to plan your moves.

  7. Yay for siren 3 cant wait thats the reason ill get a ps3 and because there making a way of the samurai 3 yay i think if siren 3 does bad they will go out of business but i guess there taking a risk nay who siren 2 is the best its not as scary i’ll admit but its so much fun you can drive trucks and there hundreds of weapons you can pick them up from any enemy once there dead plus your AI partner can help you fight for once they can shoot while you hack them with a axe. Anyone whos played it whos your favourite characters??? and least favourite?? and same for siren 1 whos your favourite characters??? and least favourite??

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