Donation Update!!

Many, many thanks to forums user 16bitman for donating more games to the quest! This time he’s contributed Countdown Vampires, Galerians, and Juggernaut. Dude, I am totally, totally in your debt.

Yet More Haunted Ground Screens

New screens are available over at The MagicBox from Haunted Ground. This game, while very similar-looking to Clock Tower 3, also appears to have a really fresh approach to the genre. It comes out this month in Japan and Europe, and it should be out in the US in May.

Suffering Screens

Thanks to forums member Crave for pointing me to some early screenshots of The Suffering: Ties that Bind. Looks pretty awesome, and Torque seems as angry (and bloody) as ever.

Oh So Very Good

Resident Evil 4 is out today, and it appears to be everything promised by the hype. Well, the first hour is anyway. I’ll have a much more complete set of impressions when I get a little further. I spent my lunch break today playing, and the reviewers ain’t kidding.


I’ve been super busy at work lately, which has made me slack off on database updates. Here’s a bunch of updates that I made today based on information I got from fine users of the forum. Thanks to Crave! Still Life has been added to the database. This may turn out to be more of […]

Resident Evil 4 … clothing?

The MagicBox is reporting that Capcom has announced a Resident Evil 4 line of clothing called “Leon’s Collection.” Capcom announced they will release a new line of Biohazard 4 Clothing series called Leon’s Collection, which includes Cologne, T-Shirts, Shirts, Gloves, Belt, Jeans, Sunglasses, Leather Jackets, Boots and more. The Leon Collection will be on sales […]

Yet more RE4 Info

The MagicBox has new info about Resident Evil 4: Capcom revealed a new character in Biohazard 4 / Resident Evil 4 for GameCube and PS2, named Ingrid Hannigan, she appears to be a commander that appears in a communication terminal, Leon can speak with her during the game, similar to Metal Gear Solid. In the […]

Zombie without a Halo

Asyper Media e-mailed me about a new game from Wideload (founded by Bungie cofounder Alexander Seropian) called STUBBS THE ZOMBIE in “REBEL WITHOUT A PULSE”. The game looks to me like a cross between Possession and Shiny’s Messiah. From the press release: In this game, players take on the role of the rebel himself Stubbs, […]