Siren Review

IGGY over at Insert Credit has written an interesting piece on Siren. He concludes that the game may not be as popular as it deserves to be for a number of reasons, but that it is nevertheless a “deeply innovative” title.

Yet More RE4 Screens

Sorry for the flurry of updates; I spent the last couple of days in Osaka away from an internet-ready computer. I’ve collected a bunch of additions to the collection, about which I’ll post more soon. Now it is time for some new Resident Evil 4 screenshots: New screenshots of Resident Evil 4, thanks to The […]

Resident Evil Online 2 Announced

Thanks much to forums member ZombieEater for this information: Capcom has released new details on its latest online action adventure game Biohazard Outbreak File 2 (Resident Evil Outbreak File 2). The story takes place in other parts of the Racoon city, where the 8 characters from the first game continue their journey to escape. The […]

Siren Sequel?

IGN is reporting that the Siren team is hiring production staff to work on a sequel to their hit horror game. Siren (known as Forbidden Siren in the US and Europe) is scheduled for release in North America on April 20th.

No Fear

I am in Japan this week. Walking around the local supermarket/random supplies store, I came across a PS2 game I did not recognize called The Fear. I did a little digging and apparently this game is a 0 Story (remember all those live-action movie games? those guys.) horror game. It comes on 4 DVDs (!!), […]