Kuon Released

Kuon was apparently released on December 7th. I asked around at a few game stores in the area and nobody had it, but some people have posted that they’ve been able to find a copy so I guess it must be out.

4 thoughts on “Kuon Released

  1. I wonder why Agetec did this kind of Stealth release. According to rumours only a couple of stores got just a few copies of the game in. If this game gets low sales, I hope they don’t think this is because people don’t want survival horrors.

  2. It may have more to do with the amount of units that the retailers expect to sell. Retailers order a certain number of copies from a distributer, and that number is based on how quickly they expect the game to sell. Some games, like Katamari Damacy, were expected to fail but instead proved amazingly popular. When this happens, the retailers are usually sold out everywhere because they think the game isn’t going to do well and consequently don’t order enough copies.

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