Darkwatch Released

Despite a year-long delay and some major business changes to the developer, Darkwatch: Curse of the West actually shipped last week. Even more surprising is the high ratings this game has been getting (~80% at the moment). Considering the developer went from being a wholly-owned Sammy office to an independent studio and switched publishers in the space of a year, I’m frankly surprised that this game ever saw the light of day. Kudos the the dev team! The game looked awesome at E3 this year, and it’s the first FPS I’ve been interested in playing on a console.

One thought on “Darkwatch Released

  1. C’mon Chris. You didn’t even fall victim to
    GoldenEye Fever in 97-98? Some FPS console
    stuff is cool. Or do you mean horror FPS?
    * grows light headed remembering GoldenEye Fever* 🙂

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