9 thoughts on “G4’s Top 10 Horror Games

  1. I bought Call Of Cuthulu this week. I haven’t played it yet…but from what I’ve read, it sounds absolutely terrifying. From what it looks of it though it reminds me of Clive Barker’s Undying. Though it got silly in the last few levels (don’t they all), those opening levels scared the beejesus out of me.

    I think they’ve put up the wrong Alien Vs Predator footage too. Surely the PC one was scarier than the Jaguar version? But it’s nice to see Clock Tower and Dark Seed in the list. Not too sure about The Suffering and Fatal Frame/Project Zero being so high up though. Yeah, what happened to Siren?!

  2. I’m so happy Clock Tower is out there somewhere and is considered one of the scariest games around.

    I’m a little dissapointed with Silent Hill being number one. It does need to be on the list, but I think 5 or 7 is a good spot for it. I have played games that mess with me alot more. Re2, deserves that list too, that game creeped me out.

  3. Silent Hill is a great game, but the scariest of all of them is the third part. It hasn’t the best script in the series, but it has the creepiest atmosphere.

  4. Thank goodness Silent Hill got the top spot. It is, after all, scarier than most. The first is the best of the series, anyhow.

    And I don’t know, I played a bit of the Jaguar version of AvP, and interestingly enough, it becomes rather intense, at least with the Colonial Marine. I enjoyed a moment of panic with AvP, which doesn’t happen much anymore.

  5. Damn i remember seeing a brand new copy of system shock 2 at a second hand store for 2$…too bad i had no money.I’m still beating myself up for that.

  6. the suffering wasn’t scary at all. i didn’t even remember getting startled it in. doom 3 may of had one or two good startles. siren should be in there (or siren 2) and yes silent hill 1 is still the scariest game i’ve ever played.

  7. I found Fatal Frame 2 alot scarier then silent hill. So for me that list would be slightly altered. And I think the suffering while scary at first just becomes another fps so that shouldnt be rated so high either. Not a bad list tho

  8. yeah, silent hill in first place!!! i’m tired of heard (from my friends and some “game sites”) of resident evil be the most scarier game. at least someone found silent hill to be best, and i agree. weel, in the silent hill series i think that the order of the games is the real order of quality, i mean: silent hill 1(the best), silent hill II( second)…silent hill 4(the worst)…

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