Chris’ Post-E3 2004 Impressions

The Show This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo made it clear that the current generation of console hardware has been conquered. The graphical quality of almost everything at the show was excellent: Devil May Cry 3, Prince of Persia 2, DOOM 3, Metal Gear Solid 3, even the new Crash Bandicoot game had some pretty awesome […]

Chris’ E3 2003 Report

NOTE: I originally wrote this for my friends and co-workers. It is consequently much rougher than subsequent reports. Also, some of my predictions were wrong; TMNT was NOT a good game, and Rise to Honor turned out better than I gave it credit for. Here is some cool stuff I saw at E3. Almost all […]


Developer: WARP Publisher: Sega Released: 2000 Platform: Sega Dreamcast Region: America D2 is a very odd game. On one hand, Kenji Eno and WARP have masterfully grafted classic RPG game elements on to a 3D third-person survival horror adventure game. On the other hand, their creation suffers from several fundamental design flaws that prove both […]

16bitman’s Guide to Obscure Games

Table of Contents Introduction Page 1: Importing 101 Page 2: Import Horror Games Page 3: Other Import Games Downloads Unfortunately for us gamers in North America, a lot of obscure games from Europe and Japan never make it to our shores. Sometimes these little-known titles are rare gems that should not be missed. Unfortunately, figuring […]