Fatal Frame 2

When is Fatal Frame 2 coming out?? GameFAQs says it should be out already, but random dude in a video game store says not until November. IGN has an interview with Keisuke Kikuchi, the general producer for the next Fatal Frame game. I am excited about this series… the first had some problems but was […]

Mmmm… Yakiniku

I am knocking around Japan with my wife this week. I picked up a bunch of games for the Quest today at our local Book Off. I swear Japan is the place for cheap used games. I managed to pick up D no Shokutaku 2 Echo Night and Echo Night 2 Clock Tower 1 and […]

Off to Japan

I am headed off to Japan for a week. I may make some updates while I am there, but since I am not sure what sort of internet connection I’ll have I can’t make any promises. Silent Hill 3 is being well received. I’ve been pretty busy preparing for my trip, so I haven’t gotten […]

New games

I’ve added Galerians to the database. Sam from SurvivalHorror.info just told me about Agartha, a survival horror game for the Dreamcast that was canned just before it was to be released. The developer, No Cliche, was Sega’s first wholly owned European studio (they were French). However, the No Cliche company web site no longer resolves, […]

More survival horror candidates

I’ve come across a few more games that may or may not be classifiable as survival horror: Kyoufu Shimbun Heiseiban Kaiki! Shinrei File (official site) Kowloon Yoma Gakuen-ki Asylum. The developer seems to have changed from “DarkBlack Studios” to “HotHead Studios”, and the game name appears to have switched to Shadow of the Sun. Some […]

New Sony Game

I’ve been pointed to some screenshots from a new Sony game. Looks a lot like Siren to me… could this be something new?

Second Sight and other rumors

I’ve added Free Radical’s Second Sight to the list, even though there is almost no information available about it yet. Apparently it will be a “Resident Evil-inspired” horror action game. Hopefully more information will be released soon. I wonder if Capcom’s Glass Rose (Garasu No Bara, offical site in Japanese) will be survival horror. It’s […]

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 is out today here in North America. I’ve got a copy already and I’ll post impressions as soon as I can. I am quite excited–Silent Hill is by far my favorite series in the Survival Horror genre.