Second Sight and other rumors

I’ve added Free Radical’s Second Sight to the list, even though there is almost no information available about it yet. Apparently it will be a “Resident Evil-inspired” horror action game. Hopefully more information will be released soon.

I wonder if Capcom’s Glass Rose (Garasu No Bara, offical site in Japanese) will be survival horror. It’s not yet clear from the information available, though the game sounds pretty cool either way.

Another game that may or may not be survival horror is Silicon Knight’s Too Human. IGN is reporting that the game may not even ship on the current round of hardware, so perhaps it is best to hold off on speculation until more details are available.

Finally, there have been some rumblings about Rockstar’s Manhunt lately. Several sites have called the title survival horror, but after reading the descriptions I remain unconvinced. It seems like an violent action/sneaking game to me. The closed circuit video stuff looks somewhat scary, but it doesn’t seem like this will really be a “horror” title.