I finally finished Silent Hill 3 this evening. I think it is the best game in this genre (perhaps in any genre) that I’ve ever played. In addition to looking amazing, it turned out to be literate, complicated, exciting, and extraordinarily scary. This series continues to push survival horror in new directions. With the completion […]

Birthdays Rule

My kind parents and brother gave me a bunch of neat gifts for my birthday yesterday, among them Alone in the Dark 4 and Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick. I’ve update the database to reflect the games. Thanks guys! I played Evil Dead for a few minutes last night and it seems like lots […]


This just in from The Magic Box: Sony announced they will release the PS2 horror adventure game Siren in Japan on November 6, for 6800 yen. I can’t wait!!


I took a break from Silent Hill 3 this evening to finally finish Carrier. I’ve posted my impressions on the Carrier information page, but to sum up, it was an incredibly boring Resident Evil rip-off. My clear time ended up being about 8 hours, but the mind numbing effect of the game forced me to […]

Nebula – Echo Night

I’ve added Nebula – Echo Night to the database. This is From Software’s follow-up to their PSX games Echo Night and Echo Night 2. Like the first two games, the goal is to track down ghosts, this time on a lunar base, and figure out why they are stuck in the human world. IGN has […]

The Server Lives!!

After 3 full days down we are finally back up and running. My service provider, WestHost, whom I’ve been with for about three years, decided it would be a good idea to move a big chunk of their clients over to a new system setup over labor day weekend. Suffice to say that the move […]