The Server Lives!!

After 3 full days down we are finally back up and running. My service provider, WestHost, whom I’ve been with for about three years, decided it would be a good idea to move a big chunk of their clients over to a new system setup over labor day weekend. Suffice to say that the move did not go well, and my server has been down as the result. My request for support was renamed from “Site Down” to “E-mail Problem” by one of the support staff, and consequently the site stayed off line even longer than it should have. When it finally came back up, I found that suddenly all my passwords had changed. Getting the database back up running required finding out what my new user name and password actually were. Argh!

Well, the good thing is that it is all over now and things appear to be working. I am now going to bed. Tomorrow I’ll have an update about a new Echo Night game.