Horror Literature

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what horror games might learn from horror literature. How might we make a game that conveys uneasiness as well as Stephen King’s 1408? The Silent Hill series seems to have a bit in common with The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami, but Murakami’s works are much […]

The Zombies Have Flashlights!!

The Magic Box has posted a bunch of new movies and screenshots from Siren. The game looks amazingly cool, if very Silent Hill-esque. The “Another World” video shows off how the main character can see through the eyes of the zombies in the world. The Magic Box also posted this story summary: The story is […]

Silent Hill 4 announcement

This just in from our friends at The Magic Box: Konami mentioned Silent Hill 4 will be coming to PlayStation 2 by the end of 2004. The lead character will be a male character, and the story will once again take place in the city of Silent Hill.