The Zombies Have Flashlights!!

The Magic Box has posted a bunch of new movies and screenshots from Siren. The game looks amazingly cool, if very Silent Hill-esque. The “Another World” video shows off how the main character can see through the eyes of the zombies in the world.

The Magic Box also posted this story summary:

The story is about a mystery Siren, who is controlling the people in the town with its poison. Anyone who drank the poisonous water will gradually turned into the shihito (dead). Unlike zombies, the deads have intelligence. They will try to attack all the living people in many different ways.

In the game you will have to control 10 different survivors (control one at a time, and toggle between them), to escape from the attacks, solve the mysteries and reverse the evil spell of Siren.

When you drunk the Siren’s poisonous water, before you turn into the dead, you will gain a special “see through” ability, which allows you to see the images in the eyes of the dead, to obtain information and escape from their attacks.

5 thoughts on “The Zombies Have Flashlights!!

  1. Sorry, I haven’t turned on the link display. I’ll fix it this evening.It appears that when you look through one of the zombie’s (“shihito”) eyes, you see from exactly their perspective (thus the first person view). When you play as yourself, you get to see the standard 3rd person perspective. The “Another World” movie shows this mechanic in action. Looks cool!

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