Necessary Reading

While this is slightly off topic, I thought I’d point out the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I saw this in a bookstore over the weekend and thought it was pretty funny. The author makes no attempt at levity, however; his delivery of various zombie disposal methods, the origins of the zombie virus, and confirmed sightings is utterly serious. The author bio says something like, “Max Brooks lives in New York, but is ready to move to a more defensible position at a moments notice.”

One thought on “Necessary Reading

  1. I picked this up on Amazon a few months ago and found it a fairly entertaining read. It imagines on-going zombie attacks throughout history and reads like a straight-up how to guide on surviving the undead onslaught.

    I was also interested to hear that a sequel, World War Z, is currently in the works (should be available sometime during the Fall of 2006) and that the book has already been optioned by Brad Pitt’s film production company. Hopefully, both the book and film will eventually be worth checking out.

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