RE: Outbreak File 2 Tops Charts is reporting that Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 is at the top of the Japanese sales charts this week.

The game sold some 91,000 units in its first week on sale, which is a fairly decent number, but compares unfavourably with the 227,000 units sold in the same timeframe by its predecessor – suggesting that the online version of the game may not have legs as a franchise after all.

… but when you consider that the game was probably little more than an art swap for Capcom, 91k units in a week doesn’t sound too bad at all.

One thought on “RE: Outbreak File 2 Tops Charts

  1. I imagine a lot of titles would be lucky to
    sell 91,000 games period. I think those
    kids at Capcom will be in business a bit
    longer 🙂

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