Dead Secret Ships for Steam and Oculus

In 2013 Dead Secret started out as a small, two-person project. It was put on hiatus twice and I didn’t think it was ever going to ship. It started out as a mystery game and slowly developed a sticky horror underbelly, which I have really enjoyed. We shipped it for Gear VR last year. On Monday, Dead Secret came out for Oculus Rift, and we released a non-VR version on Steam. After writing about horror games for thirteen years it feels pretty good to actually ship something in the genre. I suspect that long-time readers of this site will recognize certain mechanics and details from my favorite horror games here and there. It’s kind of a love letter to those titles.

If you’re interested, please check Dead Secret out on Steam. I have a lot more to write about Dead Secret but it’s all spoilery, so I’ll wait until folks have had a chance to play.

Finally, here’s an image I made for April Fools yesterday. Who knew that Dead Secret was ripped off from an obscure WonderSwan game!?

2 thoughts on “Dead Secret Ships for Steam and Oculus

  1. I played this around Christmas and really loved it, great job! It was so well made and polished across all areas, it really shows that you all know what you’re doing.

  2. Great news, Chris, I have been a readers for many years, and almost as much of a lover of the genre as you. I am looking forward to playing this on ps4….VR or otherwise.

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