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  1. In for a penny, in for a pound I say.

    Not pictured: Zombie Revenge and The Ring (but who really misses them anyway?)

    I’ve been trying to buy all my games used lately. Of the games I need to play to complete the Quest, a fairly large percentage (almost 75%, according to my stats page) are going to be so-so or very bad. So I’ve been trying to save my cash by purchasing my games from bargain bins. With the exception of Silent Hill 3, I haven’t paid full price for any of the games in the screen shot! I guess I am a bit cheap, but on the other hand, I’d really be depressed if I spent $40 on something like Carrier.

  2. I can sympathize, Used games are a better way to go. Many used titles can actually be found in great or near-perfect condition – the only deterrant being that many may lack a manual or case coverings (which are nerdy worryings – but, hey, I like most of my games to be stacked up).

    I do wonder what some of those titles are.. the ones written entirely in Japanese.

    And yes, I would have been uneasy to pay more than $10 for Carrier. Did you know that EB is still pushing The Ring for $8.99..?

  3. $8.99 for the Ring is about $8.00 too much, if you ask me. Of course, it is worth its weight in gold if you enjoy playing terrible games (which I do).

    From right to left, the Japanese games are as follows:
    Biohazard (Resident Evil) Dual Shock Version
    Clock Tower 2 (Clock Tower 1 in the US)
    Echo Night
    Echo Night 2 (label isn’t visible in picture)
    Enemy Zero

    I travel to Japan at least once a year. Used games are *very* cheap there (my entire collection of Japanese games pictured here is probably worth about $30), so I try to pick up as many as I can. I was actually living in Japan when I first played Resident Evil and RE2, so playing survival horror games in Japanese is something of a tradition for me. I am struggling through Clock Tower, though, because the text goes by VERY FAST.

  4. Yes, The Ring is very bad. A very obnoxious ripoff of Silent Hill, but lacking the scares.. the best part, to me, was when the music finally changed. Gah.

    And, nice.

    I do wish I could travel to Japan, but considering the costs of everything at this time, I’m out of luck. I’m left to import. And I can see what you mean by ‘cheap’ – a number of games on Yahoo.jp’s Auctions are incredibly cheap. A used Silent Hill here in the States can run about $14, but there it’s only $5-$10.

    Of course. Convenience for born-natural readers of Japanese, but for those who aren’t QUITE as good? Slagged.

    Since you say you’ve gotten several cheap games, though, can you tell me if you’ve gotten the Silent Hill Play Novel for the GBA? Considering the download service for the game is no more, I can’t imagine it costing much over there.

  5. Yeah. The text is readable, but each line comes and goes without waiting for a button press. I have *some* idea what is going on, but I feel like I only get to read the first 2/3rds of every sentence.

    I do not own the Silent Hill Play Novel for GBA, but I’ve played it. My advice: AVOID! Japan has produced a couple of high-quality text-adventure games (notably, Kamaitachi No Yoru), but, even if you enjoy playing text games with static backgrounds, the small GBA screen really destroys the game. Also, the entire thing is in Japanese. Since it is a handheld game, I haven’t included it in the Quest (which is probably just as well).

  6. I live in the Uk, i’m intrigued by this Ring game. Is it based on the Ring movie trilogy? Can anyone give me any info on how i can get a hold of a copy?! (I do realise it’s awful, but I am one of those people that enjoys terrible games!)

  7. Here’s the deal with the Ring.

    It’s not just awful. It is in the running for the worst game of all time. It is EASILY the worst game for Dreamcast, and I’ve yet to see anything that comes remotely close to its awfulness on PS2, Xbox, or GameCube. There is an amazingly accurate review here:


    About the connection to the Ring movie:
    “Ring” was originally a novel by Koji Suzuki. You can buy a translated version on Amazon:

    The Japanese made a film based on the movie, which they titled “The Ring.” This film was remade with white people a while back and released as “The Ring” in the West. The original version (which is vastly superior, if you ask me) has been released in the West as “Ringu.”

    Back in Japan, they made a bunch of sequels to the original Ring movie (Rasen, Ring 2, Loop, etc). They were all pretty bad. They also spawned a comic book series which was also somewhat bad.

    Ring the game is based on the comic book series. Which is to say it basically has NOTHING to do with the original book, movie, or movie remake.

    Here is another review to consider:


    As the author says, AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS. (unless you like playing bad games for the laugh)


  8. I work at a place that buys used dvds and games. I have close to 10 times that on my shelf. I buy em for the store for a buck. I buy em for myself for a buck. Its a glorious day to get Silent Hill 3 and Dead Aim for 2 dollars.

  9. I am happy for you having lots of cheap games. However, I do not simply purchase games in order to increase the size of my collection: I buy games I am interested in playing. The picture represents only the horror games that I own (as this is a horror site), and I’ve finished all of them except Clock Tower 2, RE 0, and Extermination.

    Since I work in game development, I get the opportunity to play most of the quality games that come out (as my coworkers buy the ones I do not), so I am fortunate enough to purchase only the titles that I am really interested in finishing.


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