Condemned Announced

Thanks to forums member Innominatus for the heads up about Condemned, a survival horror game slated for release on next generation (PS3 and Xbox2) consoles. Innominatus also provided a cool translation from the Jeux-France page:

Sega unveils the first pictures of his next horror game entitled Condemned and developed by Monolith on the new generation of parlor consoles Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 as well as on PERCENT. This game announces to be itself of a new kind since it is a matter of a mixture innovating between a FPS and a survival horror, a unique experience of the fear in an alarming atmosphere and realistic extremist. In this psychological thriller, the player will embody Ethan Thomas, an agent of the FBI that will have to investigate on several committed murders by Serial Killers in a dark universe and disturbing inspired film Seven. Thanks to the technical capacities of the future consoles, the editor announces us already a degree of realism never attains with notably graphic components of a very high quality such as the textures of the game.

Looks pretty cool! Other than some Silent Hill 5 rumors, this is the first survival horror game to be announced for next gen consoles.

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