Fatal Frame 3 Info + Screens

Thanks to forums user cameraslens for some information and screens from the upcoming Fatal Frame 3.

As of right now… It’s just ‘Zero’. (I’m sure we’ll have an extra title for it soon)

The heroine’s name is Rei Kurosawa. She’s a 23 year old freelance photographer, searching for her boyfriend who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She also teams up with Kei Amakura, a writer & relative of her boyfriend, and Miku Hinasaki, her assisstant. (Yes, it is the Miku from Fatal Frame 1) While searching through a mysterious mansion, Rei suddenly finds a strange dragon/snake tattoo appearing on her arm. As time passes, the tattoo covers more and more of her body. What’s even more unsettling, is a few of the ghosts in the mansion also wear the same tattoo.

Apparently, you’ll be able to play as all three characters, however the extent of how you can play them is sketchy at the moment.

The gameplay is also going to have a ‘silent hill’ ish feel. As there will be two worlds. “Reality’ and ‘the world of nightmares’.

Thanks to cameralens.com. According to the Famitsu scans, the game is 60% complete, so we can probably expect it by Christmas 2005.

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