16bitman’s Guide to Obscure Games: Downloads

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16bitman has graciously included some save files for his favorite import games. These files can be loaded onto your Playstation memory card with a DexDrive or similar device.

Twilight Syndrome Saikai

Hmm, we seem to have been left out of Overblood 2. Curses!

This file will give you a completed file for Twilight Syndrome Saikai. I did not achieve anything close to a 100% rating so there is lots left to find and improve on. Still it will get you in the door and make this import easier. Especially if you only know sushi menu Japanese. The other files are included so you can admire icons from Japan and PAL-land.

Overblood 2

Overblood 2 saves PAL UK version only SLES 01879 Eon
The “Overblood 2 Navarro Silver” save can help you get through freezes. This save will allow you to see important story elements in Level 2. Have Navarro open the door with the Silver Key and then go to the other side of the platform. An armored robot will appear. He is vulnerable to laser pistol fire. After the fight is won, the story graphics will start. If you have imported the 1999 Event version by mistake, you will to use the Level 3 save after having played Level 1 and seen the Level briefing. It freezes in MULTIPLE places on Level 2, even playing with an emulator.