I’m thinking about removing the visitor comments section from the info pages. The problem with them is that the signal to noise ratio is very low (the amount of useful opinion and information about each game is small compared to the amount of messages asking for game help or arguing with other posters), and I don’t think they really add much to the site. It’d be better to centralize discussion in the forum, I think.

What do you guys think? Please leave a comment about how you feel about the info page message boards.

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  1. I don’t think it would hurt to remove them. I kind of like them though. Not everything there is bad.

  2. I think the comment part of the info pages
    is a good stepping stone to forum membership.
    I think Townsend and Xenodolf started out
    there. Probably others.
    Nothing says you have to keep the comments up
    there forever though. You could delete them
    biweekly or something. That would give it a cleaner look.

  3. i’m not sure… i mean, i’m pretty new to this place, so i dont expect people to take me that seriously – but, from what i’ve seen, i kind of like at least some of the comments. Especially considering that, for some games in the database, there’s really no information about them – except, in certain cases, what is submitted by visitor comments – and some of those are rather useful, and it’d be a shame to end them outright because a number of the others are pretty pointless…

    i’d maybe suggest just putting some note somewhere or another, saying “dont ask for help in these games, dont bash people for liking this game…” (etc) “… in this section – if you must, do this in the forums” – and delete the comments left which are kind of pointless.

    however, i’m hesitant to suggest this, because i’m not sure how much extra work this would give you, and i frankly hate to give people extra work…


  4. It could be time for the user polls to go
    in the database. They look pretty skewed.
    No way some of those games deserve those
    scores. 110 people thought Hellnight was a
    coaster?! Not likely.

  5. The user polls are another problem, but not just for this site. People vote on games that they have never played, which is pretty stupid. We talked about it a little bit on this thread:


    Personally, the user ratings don’t bother me as much as the comments section because they are not annoying and there is no way for people to be jerks so easily.

  6. If you are tired of policing the comment
    area then kill it. Perhaps a bigger “HOWDY,
    JOIN THE FORUM,IT IS OK” should go up somewhere
    after that change? Something friendly,maybe
    some user quotes or comments, ie itz kool no spam. I know all that is listed in the FAQs
    but some personable promotion couldn’t hurt. 🙂

  7. You could always have a staff if you could find people willing to delete the ones that could offend people and put together a list of rules. I don’t know, perhaps that’d be making something simple into something complex.

  8. Yeah, I can do moderation if I need to (I do it a bit now), but I guess I’d have to really define the rules well. Is it too harsh to erase messages that are grammar atrocities?

  9. I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I usually drop by the forums if I have something to say.

  10. http://greggman.com
    If you have to change them consider making your forum display the thread related to the post directly on the same page as the post. Many forum systems support that.

    Just my opinion but I’m more likely to read comments on the same page or at least with a link to them.

  11. Kevin, it’s not dumb to have a different opinion than someone else. Unless that’s not what you were implying.

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