Wait while I hit you with this bat

Last night my friend and I finally finished Obscure after a four month hiatus. I’ve posted my thoughts on the info page. Though Obscure is a pretty run-of-the-mill horror game, its slight blandness is completely offset by the two-player cooperative mode. And lurking under the hood of this French horror game are some imaginative and fresh design ideas. Overall, I liked it better than most of the critics.

5 thoughts on “Wait while I hit you with this bat

  1. i found this game pretty average also but i love survival horrors so it was ok, not quite silent hill. I got to the end boss after a couple of weeks albeit with 1 charachter left and couldnt be arsed working out how to beat it.This is a completely new feelingbecause usually if you get that far you are desperate to beat the game. It just seemed to get bland towards the end

  2. Egads, I *hated* “Obscure.” I got to the final boss fight, but I got so tired of trying to beat him, I never did – haven’t touched the game in months. :o)

  3. I really loved this game. Okay, it’s not even remotely original and they should have made it into a Clock Tower chase affair but that 2UP mode was an ace idea that RE-Outbreak should have used.

    A great game that had better reviews over here (UK) than Silent Hill 4…(SH4 is better though!)

  4. Nah, Chris, I played it alone. I’m even more alone now that the fiance’ and I broke up a few months ago, LOL. (I used to make him beat the really hard bosses, too.)

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