IE Really Sucks

So I just noticed that my page has been broken under Windows Internet Explorer for who knows how long. Every other browser–Safari, Firefox, Opera, Mac OS IE–renders the page correctly, but IE under Windows XP fails horribly. Specifically, all the text on this page was mysteriously centered. I’ve fixed the problem, but the real solution is to STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER. In addition to being an insecure hunk of garbage, it can’t render pages right, it doesn’t follow the HTML standard, and it’s slow. If you are on Windows, download FireFox now!. If you are on a Mac, use FireFox or Safari. Linux users–I already know what you are using.

Seriously, switch away from IE. Every other browser on the planet can block popups, filter ads, and prevent spyware from getting onto your machine.

9 thoughts on “IE Really Sucks

  1. Thunderbird? It rocks. But it’s not part of FireFox… you can use FireFox as your browser without switching your e-mail client. If you download the whole Mozilla Suite, the browser and e-mail program are in the same executable. I use Thunderbird separately from Firefox, but they two do not require each other.

  2. Chris, I totally sympathize.

    I am trained as a graphic designer, but because some employers (for some odd reason) expect graphic designers to know web page creation, I forced myself to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and I already knew HTML.

    I plan on job hunting next year some time, so I figure if I could put CSS on my resume’ it would make me look all the better.

    I even redesigned much of my graphics portfolio site using CSS, and the one aggrivating thing I noticed is that the site’s pages look as they’re supposed to in Netscape and Fire Fox – which is great – but NOT Internet Explorer (IE or MIE).

    Even after I used a “hack” that was said by the CSS experts to work to center the divs on the page in MIE, it *still* didn’t work! I had to settle for moving the divs over in all browsers by specifying a left margin of ten percent.

    From what I’ve read, the guys at Microsoft are not the least bit interested in making a C.S.S. compatible browser, while Mozilla Fire Fox is the best currently, in that regard.

    I normally use either Netscape or Fire Fox. I have always loated MIE because it works very clunky, and it seems to be the most vulnerable to hacker/virus attacks, etc.

    Anyway, I feel your web design pain, I’ve been there too! :o)

    P.S. -I need to update my Survival Horror video game site (“Die Zombie Die”) with CSS eventually, or I might just leave it as-is, I haven’t decided. Right now, it’s mostly in HTML.

    When I said I learned CSS in my post above, I just did so recently, only about 2 or 3 months ago.

  4. Sorry for all the posts in a row here, but –

    Correction: last post I said, “I have always loated MIE…”

    That should’ve been ‘LOATHED,’ as in hated…

    Also, it might have been more accurate if I had said Microsoft doesn’t care about making a *fully* CSS *compliant* (by W3C standards) browser.

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