RE4 -> PS2

Resident Evil 4 is out on Playstation 2 today, and it’s been garnering some pretty high praise. Here’s what IGN has to say:

It’s easily one of the top 10 PlayStation 2 games you can lay your hands on. For me, it’s probably one of my top 10 games of all-time. There’s so much to enjoy, and even though PS2’s visuals aren’t quite as good as they were on GCN, my jaw still drops at the art design and how immersive the worlds are.

one day I might even update my RE4 screenshots. maybe.

3 thoughts on “RE4 -> PS2

  1. Loved this game when I played it months ago on my mate’s GC, but now I’ll finally get to play through all of it.

    There’s a limited edition version coming out in the UK…it’s soooo mine.

  2. graphics where a bit horrid, but thats normal i guess after playing the GC version.
    the game brightness was also too bright, not as dark as GC, even if you put it on full dark.
    seperate ways was too easy and kinda short.
    i liked the diffrent weapons tough, like the powerful crosbow.

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