Rule of Rose Info

Insert Credit has some interesting new information on Rule of Rose. Here’s an excerpt:

You take the role of a young girl in england in the 1930s, who is lured to a specific house by a boy who only she can see. He gives her a book of disturbing fairly tales, which by degrees come to a sort of life in this house. The house is occupied by other young girls who simply want to be loved, but through their naive innocence create a rather horrid lord of the flies-like environment, from which the heroine wishes to escape. … The game may not hit the states, given the rather disturbing, and sometimes psuedo-erotic content.

Sounds interesting! There’s also an official site.

6 thoughts on “Rule of Rose Info

  1. Creepy looking game, but then again all they’ve shown is cutscenes (which are awesome btw). I wonder how this one will play out…hopefully not like Glass Rose.

  2. Might not hit the states? But… How am I going to get it? It doesn’t have a choice. It HAS to make it to the US.

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