2 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark Episodes?

  1. http://spooky.ms11.net/index.html
    Are you absolutely sure that AITD 5 will be released? I read somewhere that it was cancelled.

    Matter of fact, I think I read that on this site’s forum, and the person gave links to the story.

    I hope it’s _not_ cancelled!

  2. Naah, its not cancelled I just saw the E3 promo/teaser on Gamespot and I must say it looks incredible!

    Haven’t heard anything about the episodic bit that’d be pretty nice IMO. It’d give a game a more lasting feel, something that I think would be nice since most of todays games are just an extended movie length.

    Here we go Sin Episodes! Here we go!

    But yeah, I’m not a fan of AitD because I just never got the chance to play it. (I’m a Silent Hill guy) But once I get my 360 this and Condemned: CO and maybe Silent Hill 5 will be must buys!

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