Headed to E3

I’m off to E3 tomorrow. Though the conference runs for three days, this year I have decided to visit for only a single day. After six or seven hours in the Los Angeles Convention Center I find myself almost unable to stand and mostly deaf.

Last year I posted a lengthy rant about the direction the industry is moving. The gist of this rant is as follows:

Next Gen = Higher Cost to Make Games = Reduction of Game Quality

This year I have pretty much the same beef with the industry, though I am invigorated by the idea of a cheap console with an innovative control scheme, even if it is called the Wii. And with Sony’s recent and amazingly unsurprising announcement that the PS3 will cost $600, I am even more convinced that the next generation consoles are not good for gaming. Innovation is a function of cost, and the new hardware increases cost by a huge amount.

But anyway, maybe there will be something cool this year. Last year was really terrible. This year I am interested in checking out Alone in the Dark 5, Siren 2, new Silent Hill information, Resident Evil 5, Rule of Rose, and Possession.

I’ll be sure to write a report upon my return.

5 thoughts on “Headed to E3

  1. Have fun. It’s nice to know some of us ‘real gamers’ still appreciate innovation and fresh ideas, rather than the 27th edition of FF series, or another generic racing/shooting/fighting game.

  2. I beleive Sony is shooting itself in the foot with the price. Microsoft (at least by its conference) is saying that it will innovate games and ideas, especially with the Live Marketplace, Sony on the other hand had a pretty lackluster showing (reminescent of last years) and didn’t show much in the way of innovation… or anything at all.

    And the Wii… well it will take time to get used to.

    Hey Chris while your out there check out Alan Wake, I think it would fit into this guide.

    Have fun!

  3. So what does this mean for the future of horror games? It seems like the Sony is the console (besides PC) to get your horror fix.

    I don’t want to plunk down $600 to play Silent Hill 5 or Siren 3 or whatever. Too bad Siren and Rule of Rose are Sony products. I love the practically-defenseless horror games. Looks like I’m going to have to learn to love Resident Evil, unless they port Silent Hill to the Wii.

    Okay, I’m done ranting.

  4. Hey chris before I start I just wanna say awesome website, have been a visitor for ages now and its a great place. Some awesome games.

    Read you post about the way the game industry is going and I agree in parts but not fully. Not just to argue but basically its like this:

    With the teconology we have now-a-days we could create games 10x better than are released but the designers don’t. Whether its because they simply can’t be arsed or for our benefit so that it dosen’t cost us too much money for them to seel and us to purchase. You have seen the special effect on movies and stuff, they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of PS3 and XBox360 graphics, so its do-able, just not done.

    Anyway cheers, probably will forget I’ve posted this soon but hey lol. Keep the site rocking.

    Peace. benji.

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