5 thoughts on “Zombie vs Ambulance Action!

  1. I want it!
    I want it!
    I want it!

    Like NOW! Yes, I’m fully aware it looks gawd awful. But for some reason I really need a go of this…

  2. I don’t understand how this game could be bad. I do understand that it would be really repetitive once the novelty wears off, but it looks like it would be fun to play in moderation.

  3. I could see why they might not want to release it over here; the gameply could get repetative and there isn’t much story, but it could be a good buget title, you know, the kind that people release for $20 or less, but still, I hope that it makes it over here, it look real fun! But I still wish Dead Rush would have come out!

  4. Looks pretty fun, the upgrading of the ambulance should prolong the gameplay a little but I can see why it would get repetitive pretty quick. Though a release as a budget title would definitely be a good idea!

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