Rise from your grave!

I haven’t actually fallen off the face of the planet quite yet, I just haven’t had a whole lot of time to update lately. I’ve been mostly buried under a pile of work, but I’ve also taken a few breaks to play non-horror games. I highly recommend Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the Subsistence version, and I’ll cautiously recommend Odama to people who like crazy games that are soul-crushingly difficult. New Super Mario Bros. for DS is also a treat.

Per my last post, changes are coming to this site. I’m going to replace my current database inclusion requirements with a set of stricter rules. The result will be that some games in the list will be removed, while some games currently excluded from the list will be added. I may also make an ancillary list for games that might interest people but are not part of the Quest.

9 thoughts on “Rise from your grave!

  1. In Japan and I’m jealous of the cheapness of DS games. They even have Pheonix Wright 2! Gah!

    An yeah, Super Mario DS is awesome especially when you turn huge and just plough through the scenerey!

    Oh why are all the cheap games called THE (kanji title). They have about 30 THE titles but I can’t find Zombie Vs. Ambulance!

  2. Theirs about 150 “the” titles


    and the best one is vol 61 and 90, Oneechanbara

    and chris you better FINALLY put Oneechanbara in your non horror but still horror list or ill casterate your ass
    thanks love!! 😉

  3. Alot of people look at your site man 🙂 Don’t leave!!! This is the best collection of horror titles i’ve seen on the net, i found most of the games i wanted from here.

  4. HorrorFan: I’m not going anywhere, I’m just planning on making a few changes. Also I’ve been quite busy at work lately so updates have been slower than I’d like.

    Kevin: Your argument for the inclusion of THE Oneechanbara might be stronger if you learned how to spell “castrate” correctly. Also, you might want to look up the definition of that word if you believe it is an operation performed on ones ass. Also, don’t get your hopes up.

  5. Remove stubbs the zombie, it might be about about zombies but the game is more of a romantic/comedy.

  6. casterate means “to chop off ones penis” and when I said “your ass” I was being black/ghetto/slang and reffering to you as a whole, aka your ass “you”

    thanks for ruining my joke, I guess you dont live in America huh? That or you never leave the house. ANYWAY, I once believed in what your doing, but Oneechanbara is more of a horror game than 1/2 of the ones in here, and if games HAVE to have aliens to be horror, then great Horror games like Clock Tower need to be removed and thus, this isnt a horror search anymore as it is now “Loser Chris’s game I like with Aliens search”

  7. Kevin..Spencer- something wrong with that kid
    Kevin..Spencer-his head don’t work, it never did…
    Kevin..Spencer-you better not cross his path

  8. Kevin Spencer was a 2 season cartoon on the
    Canadian comedy channel. He was a messed up
    kid who chain smoked and got wasted on cough
    syrup. I don’t think his family could afford
    an import playing PS2 so no Oneechanbara~!!!!
    Zealotry isn’t a positive character trait while
    we are on the subject….
    My previous post was based on the show’s theme

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