Site Updates

Today I made a lot of updates to this site. You’ll notice that the navigation bar on the left has changed, as has the content of the games list. The omissions page has been altered to reflect a new set of criteria for including games in the quest (I removed the requirement for supernatural things and added a requirement about intention to scare the player), and I’ve moved all games that didn’t meet these new criteria into the close calls list.

I’ll be continuing to move games between the quest list and the close call list, and I’ll be adding games to the quest list that now pass my quest requirements. I’m not going to do much with the close call list: it’s there for reference, but I’m not going to spend much time maintaining it.

After this I promise to shut up about the site for a while and post more about horror games!

One thought on “Site Updates

  1. The list looks good. In addition to Chris
    scores perhaps you could flag Chris picks
    for games that have added positive or unique
    things to their genre.

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