Holy Redesign, Batman!

I finally killed off the awful gray “color” scheme I’ve had going for this site since 2003. Hopefully this new design is a little easier to read, a little more interesting, and doesn’t horribly break under Internet Explorer. If everything looks broken to you, try forcing your browser to reload in order to clear the cache of stuff from the old site.

I’ve wanted to fix the design of this site for a while, but it’s a time consuming process that I’ve never really had the schedule to complete. This weekend I just sat down and did it, almost in a single sitting, which is pretty cool. I also cleaned up a bunch of the scripts that run this site, so future modifications should be easier than this one was.

Anyway, let me know what you think. As far as horror games go, I’ve been banging my head against the end boss in Fatal Frame 3 for the last two weeks. I swear to God, Tecmo, you had better not make another game with a one-hit-kill boss.

5 thoughts on “Holy Redesign, Batman!

  1. Well done! This colouring suits the site and the theme of it much better.

    By the way you are right that boss is tough I think I did around 20 (maybe a couple less/more) fatal frames/charged shots to beat it (I think I had only crap film left though). Yeah that thing that you die in one hit sucks big time.Generally speaking when in the light world try to stay in central areas of the arena so when the slow mo dark world comes you ve got space to run to and dont bang on walls and get cornered(the layout doesnt really change but banging on walls/borders is lethal since by the time you change direction the boss has touched you).

  2. It looks like Konami & Capcom merged and remade the Mystery Machine!

    That was meant as a joke, but I really do love it

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