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I’m sorry, I can’t not post this. has a bunch of images from the new Silent Hill arcade game. You read that right. It’s a shooter, set in the Silent Hill universe, with lots of fog and film grain. And zombies. That’s like Silent Hill, right? Fog + film grain + zombies = winning formula, right? It even has Pyramid Head, whom you can apparently shoot, despite his blatant invulnerability to guns in Silent Hill 2. But hey, it’s got the Silent Hill logo on it, so it must be great, right guys?

Making a shooter out of a horror game is probably pretty tough. I’ve not really been impressed with the Resident Evil Gaiden / Dead Aim series (though I should play both more to be fair). But for a game like Silent Hill, where shooting is infrequent and often actively discouraged, this kind of thing seems like quite a stretch. Though it is clearly an attempt to cash in on a popular license, I suppose I’m not as irked by this game as I could be: the arcade scene is a really tough market, and I can actually see that arcade games might not even be made unless they are insulated by some brand or license. Still, this looks pretty terrible. Maybe next time I am in Japan I can try it out.

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  1. Wonder what kind of firepower you get? Errr… Yes, Silent Hill Shooter= bad idea. Bad idea. Bad enough for me to warrant a search to see how bad the guns are. Yes, bad guns.

  2. Erm…that kind of defeats what Silent Hill is about.

    But they did the same with Half Life 2, since it flopped in Japan (they’re not big on their shooters unless it’s in arcade form). Half Life 2 Survivor is basically all the manic bits from the game, on rails and minus the plot. But I seriously didn’t expect this. AT ALL.

  3. I was horrified to see this, at first. But with all the attention stirred up by the Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill: 0rigins, etc… I dunno. It’s morally wrong, and I’ll never play it, but there’s not really anything I can do about it. Silent Hill really loses some points, here.

  4. We don’t even know that much about it a bit too early to say it’s horrible…the two in the picture seem to be enjoying the game

  5. Silent Hill… as an arcade shooter… Yeah, now the former ordinary man/girl/supernatural young woman literally becomes nothing less than shooting machines, shame on the developer who thought this out.
    I hated resident evil survivor (where no less than 5-6 variants of the nemesis/tyrant not only appeared more than frequently but also was pretty easy to kick in the dirt…) and i know i will hate this too…

  6. I like gun games so I’d give it a try. And RE: Dead Aim wasn’t a bad game; I view it as a stepping stone between the gameplay of the old Resident Evil games and RE4.

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