Penumbra: Overture demo available

Thomas over at Frictional Games wrote me this morning about the new demo of their game, Prenumbra: Overture. Prenumbra is an indy horror game, and the team is using physics to create interactions that are pretty different than what we’ve seen before. They had a teaser demo a while back that was pretty impressive, and I’m looking forward to trying this new release. Though this is a PC game, it’s definitely worth checking out.

5 thoughts on “Penumbra: Overture demo available

  1. I agree 100% it scared me! I was dissappointed how as soon as something really good happened it was over. However, The physics rocked and I will be buying this game for damn sure.

  2. Chris, I’ve always wondered why you seem to dislike playing games on PC so much. I’m also a big survival horror game fan (that’s why I frequent your site, obviously) and I much prefer playing these types of games on PC. The way I see it, playing survival horror games on a PC immerses you in the game much more because of how close you are to the screen and to the speakers as opposed to playing a console game in your living room sitting on your couch.

    Anyway, I was just curious to hear why you like playing sh games on console instead of pc.

  3. I have actually no problems playing horror games on the PC. Some of my favorite horror games are PC only. But when I started this site, I realized that a catalog that included PC games would be so large and vast that it wouldn’t be very useful. Narrowing the focus to console games keeps the research tight and applicable; on the PC side there’s just so much to look at that the research would be diluted.

  4. I just beat the full version of this game a few days ago, and I have to say I really loved it.
    The atmosphere is quite amazing, and the game really does a great job sucking you into it.
    Sneaking around those wolves made my skin crawl, and the physics and graphics are nothing short of stunning.
    Can’t wait for part 2, this has to be the best game I’ve played this year!!

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