New Silent Hill 5 Footage

Destructoid has some new footage of gameplay from the upcoming Silent Hill 5. Everything about it looks pretty good except for the camera; it looks to me like it’s a standard American third-person-on-the-second-stick camera rather than the rather brilliant camera system from previous games in the series. I hope that I’m wrong and that the Collective has a system just as awesome as the previous games (cue slight rotation to the left as I approach this door) in the works.

2 thoughts on “New Silent Hill 5 Footage

  1. This footage is fantastic, thank you for linking to it! 🙂

    It’s so cool to see those magazine spreads and cropped screenshots in motion.

    I’m still iffy on how the control scheme is going to pan out, gameplay-wise, but visually, Silent Hill 5 looks like a real stunner.

    The lone street lamp flickering in the fog (in the vid) was particularly impressive.

    As an aside, what do you think of the story tie-in with the previous games?

    Silent Hill seems to to alternate between the theme of horror as a state of mind and horror as a physical place, or localized phenomenon.

    I wonder how the new game will put a spin on this…

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