Rainy Woods

Back in September forums user ramfeild66 posted some information about a game called Rainy Woods. Destructoid has some information about the game, Famitsu has screenshots, and there’s a trailer on YouTube. The game is clearly influenced by The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and The Shining, but it nevertheless looks like it might be pretty good. So given the sparse information that is currently available, do you guys think that this will turn out to be a horror game? I have the same question about Alan Wake.

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  1. Read “influenced by Twin Peaks” as “monstrously, shamelessly ripping off”, it seems to me.

  2. Gamespot has some extra images too.


    And this guy seems to be way ahead of everyone else with the development team info.


    I don’t care if it is ripping off Twin Peaks in the trailer, I have a feeling it’s going to veer off on it’s own. By the end, the game will be taking a lot of cues from Silent Hill and Shadow of Memories more than a cult TV show.

    Either way, with no sign of Alan Wake this year (despite the claims), this will probably keep me going until then.

  3. “Help desk — Ask questions about using the T-Virus.”

    Loved this bit! if only wikipedia would provide articles on synthesing and using the t-virus….

    Loved the page Chris! interestingly, it was wikipedia that directed me to your site when I was looking for some information and history on suitu “Suiito Homu”. Excellent.

    Anyhow, just looking at the pictures of Rainy Woods and it looks interesting. The picture of the chap standing in the street with the rain and forboding sky in the distance looks pretty cool and certainly has horror-ish over tones, but I cant help but think that the day time shots look too bright and cheery.

    Also, given that it looks like you will be able to drive around the town, that does not strike me as being particulary usual in a SH game. Have there been any SH games (or even horror ones) that incorporate vehicles? I dont think I’ve seen any…

    Also, I cant help but wonder if the developers are recycling old ideas with the “quiet american town” and “rainy setting” (a-la fog in silent hill).

    Just a quick question also, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the fog in silent hill was originally incorporated to hide the draw distance. Was this a purely graphical decision, or was it a part graphical and part atmosphere one? Certainly the fog in the silent series (including the film, though its not fog as such) are important in maintaining atmosphere.


  4. Siren 2 had usable vehicles in it, though they were a relatively minor part of the game and you could only drive them around in certain sections (Siren 2 wasn’t free roaming by any stretch).

  5. ive been toating alan wake as this gens possible greatest horror game since i first saw the trailer, there was a rumour it was shown behind closed doors at gdc but aside from that remedys kept schtum on any wake detials.

    as usual, but i loved the max payne games, i love what ive seen of alan wake and if they do horror as good as noir were in for a great game.

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