4 thoughts on “Destructoid’s 10 Rules of Survival Horror

  1. Most Amusing, though I must say I prefer your own technnical examinations of game mechanics and their reasons to be honest. I really enjoyed your article on check points in driving games and dont think there is enough informed discussion about computer’s, consoles and games.

    Anyhow, one thing i Do enjoy about survival horror is the note writing. I think it works really well the tone of certain games and think that it would make a real interesting article if you examined the use of literature in survival horror games. Hell, I may even try such an article myself.

    Aside from providing ways to direct and advise the players, there has always been an interesting level of depth to survival horror games that incorporate effective literature.

    Im off to read the resident evil articles now!

  2. Well, these are only games!!! ^^
    Books, movies, games, are full of weird things, but we can enjoy then anyway 🙂

  3. If you start looking for reality in video games, you will fail miserably. There are not many games in this world that would make any sense in reality. Speaking about survival horror games in particular, they are a pure fruit of imagination from start to finish. There is absolutely nothing realistic in them. What can I say about the item management? It’s absurd in any game! How many items in reality would you be able to carry? If you have a rocket launcher which probably weights a tone or two, where would you place the assault rifle? In your left pocket maybe? What about the insane healing system? If you are severily injured in real world, who or what could heal you in a matter of a second? I can go on and on.

    But the fact is, a video game is just a set of rules that may defy laws of physics (we don’t look how logical and realistic is the order of chess figures, do we?). So we must choose between entertainment or reality. Which feature we preserve more, it’s up to game developers.

    But the problem is, this guy is not consistent. In one place he mocks at the absence of the ability to jump or fight, in the other – absence of health bar. Now where on Earth has he seen such a thing in real life? Is he being informed about his vitality every second?

  4. If I play a videogame I don’t search for reality. Infacts I like only sci-fi, fantasy or horror games, as I like only sci-fi, fantasy or horror anime and movies.

    If I want to have some adventures in reality, I just have to call my friends of the airsoft club ^^

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