Siren 3 Teaser?

Sony Japan has a website up that looks an awful lot like a Siren 3 announcement. The red background, rain, grainy and scary soundtrack, and even the clock design are a perfect fit for the series (not to mention the giant “sa” character in the background). Back in 2006 there were some rumblings about a Siren 3 announcement, but this site is a lot more convincing. I have to remember to check it in a few days when the timer has run out.

Update: Well, that was fast. Kotaku has confirmation that a new Siren game is on the way for PS3. It’s called Siren New Translation, and apparently it’s a “reworking” of the first title. Confirmation came from Famitsu, and a scan of the pages is available (file was removed and replaced with a porn-filled 404 page. note to self: never ever link to 2chan again). The release date is set for July 24th in Japan.

Update #2: The site is up now, and it includes a trailer that is pretty neat. Rather than watching it in terrible Windows Media format, why not check it out over at Kotaku, where it actually plays correctly. Apparently the new game involves an American TV crew, but it’s not clear if they’ve been added to the characters in the original Siren, are replacing characters from that game, or if all the characters are going to be new. The architecture in the demo is familiar, and there are a couple of scenes that I remember from the original version; it’s hard to tell exactly what this “reworking” is all about.

16 thoughts on “Siren 3 Teaser?

    I’m still a little pissed that 2 never made its way to America. The first one is still my favorite survival horror game of all time (yeah, even over the Silent Hill series…even SH2!) and I’d kill to get Siren 2. I keep thinking about modding my PS2, but it always seems a bit too complicated for me…any tips?

  2. Siren 2 was never released in America?
    Some games are released in US but not in Europe, but Siren 2 seems to be an exception.
    I guess they actually solved some of the problems of the first one, but I think I still like first one most. Still Siren 2 is a great game.

    So, if this is about Siren 3 I think I have one more reason to buy PS3. 🙂 Will we know in 40 hours?

  3. Looks like the countdown is for the siren remake. Demo will be released April 24th and the game comes out July 24th.

  4. I really got my hopes up for Siren 3, but if it’s a remake, I’ll give it a miss.

    Great that it’s getting a second chance, but I was hoping they’d do something different after the hit-and-miss sequel.

  5. Forget MGS4, FF13, or Blu-Ray capabilities. A new Siren game = me buying a PS3 to join my 360 and Wii.

  6. It’s hard for me to get excited about this until they announce a U.S. release date. I would buy this game in a heartbeat if it comes to America. If not, what are my options? Is the PS3 and its games region free? If so, the fact that I hear characters speaking English on the Japanese website gives me hope. Siren rocks!

  7. Yes, the PS3 is region free so even if it never gets released in the US, it’ll still be importable. Hopefully, it’ll at least get released in the UK.

  8. Wait. Why is there an English speaker?

    Are they sticking an American in Siren? What in god’s name are they thinking.

  9. Overreacting much? I fail to see how the presence of Americans in Siren earns an “oh my god what are they doing”.

  10. Hm…I thought the video on the actual website was much better than the Kotaku link. Bigger, higher resolution, and not so dark that you couldn’t see anything.

    Anyway, I’m interested to see if this is a completely new chapter or if it’s the original game with a few extra scenarios.

  11. > RainbowDespair

    Sure, but the trailer version is encoded in Windows Media, which means your chances of getting it to play correctly are about 1/8. Sounds like you got lucky!

  12. Gametrailers has the trailer up if you want a look.

    Hmmm…I’m not convinced. It’s Siren 1 (yay!) BUT with new actors playing the old parts (nay!). I noticed Risa Onda, Akira and Harumi pop up, so I’m guessing a lot of it is unchanged.

    Then again, it might be like Resident Evil – Remake and prove me wrong.

  13. Why can’t this be a new game instead of a remake?
    They seem to add corny stuff just to make it sell in the US:

    “Where are the cops if you need them?” *Shibito cop approaches guy from behind*
    Developers seemed to have watched teen horror to understand what makes those movies popular, I guess.

    What I like though is that the game seems to have only one voice track with both languages and that you’ll probably have the chance to select the subtitles to your liking.

    I would still be more happy if it was a brand-new sequel, I’m just very conservative when it comes to changing classics.

  14. Their remaking the first one???

    From what I’ve read over at Magicbox this game is set in Germany. Does anyone have any hard info about this?

  15. If this game is set in germany, with American TV crews and all. I fail to see how this counts as an remake.

  16. eeh, please since when was Magicbox reliable? )sorry if my spelling is off). The game is not set in germany, it’s set in Hanuda according to scans from japanese magazine.

    Also the shibito and archietcture in that trailer should be enough to tell it’s set at least in an asian country and not Germany.

    The american TV team is true though. Now it’s just to wait to see if this will turn out like The Grudge remake or not >.>

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