4 thoughts on “Silent Hill 5 is Coming Home in September

  1. Hmmm… not sure how I feel about another subtitle in a Silent Hill game. Particularly one like ‘Homecoming’.

  2. There are some new gameplay videos over at Gamesradar if you want to check them out. From what I saw, the atmosphere is good, but the combat and animation looked sort of stiff, though that can probably be changed before the game hits retail.

    It seems to me as if Konami are trying to distance this game from the rest of the series. Why they would do that is anyone’s guess, but the lack of a numerical title seems to suggest this will be more of a side story than true new installment in the series. Maybe we will see an actual Team Silent developed ‘Silent Hill 5’ in the future?

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you are going to make a sequels, stop it at a trilogy. Rarely does anything get better after the third installment. (Hopefully this doesn’t apply to Indiana Jones) And yes, this means I didn’t enjoy RE4 nearly as much as the first three.

  4. “Rarely does anything get better after the third installment.”
    “And yes, this means I didn’t enjoy RE4 nearly as much as the first three.”

    Well, the majority of people did enjoy RE4 the most (especially those who didn’t like the first 3 much). I think this, as well as a few other examples, are evidence that after you get to 3 entries in a series, if you want to keep going you really need to make some major changes to keep it fresh. If it’s a good idea that’s well implemented, it’ll work and keep the series going strong and even draw in a number of new fans, like with RE4. And sometimes it doesn’t turn out well, like SH4, which is to be expected since you’re gambling with something new anyway.

    I personally still enjoyed SH4 though, and I think the Silent Hill series would be just about dead now if they made it too similar to the first 3 since that would have made the series more stale.

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