Silent Hill 5 Drives Stake into Harker’s Heart

In unsurprising news, Kotaku is reporting that Double Helix (previously known as The Collective) has cancelled vampire staking game Harker in order to finish Silent Hill 5. That’s probably a worthy trade off, though it’s always a bit sad to see original IP die off for the sake of a sequel (even a Silent Hill sequel).

In other news, a new Splatterhouse game is in the works (thanks to forums member Johnny Feldman for the tip). You know, because, who needs new ideas when we can just regurgitate old ones?

5 thoughts on “Silent Hill 5 Drives Stake into Harker’s Heart

  1. Would you really complain if someone takes Splatterhouse to a survival horror level? It was a fun beat ’em up game, but the possibilities of such awkward monstrosities that those original games spewed forth could be quite neat if you think about it…as long as the survival horror route doesn’t go too deep on puzzle-solving and focuses more on the fight-or-flight that makes survival horror fairly intense.

  2. > NegFactor

    Don’t get me wrong. I hope that the new Splatterhouse is a great game, and I’ll buy it if it looks promising. It’s just that games as a whole can’t progress unless people try new things, and new things are hard to try with sequels. So I’d rather see the effort go into making something new, even if the result wasn’t the best game ever.

  3. Man, I think a vampire staking game could be pretty sweet if pulled off correctly. Seems like a lot of games these days are set in the future, with ++ advanced weapons, it’d be cool to do something different.

    Ah, well!

    Silent Hill 5 got a cool name and a release date:
    Silent Hill: Homecoming and is going to be released at later September

    Also, there is the artwork for Rick from Splatterhouse at the 360:
    Looks like more of the mutant Rick from Splatterhouse 3 o_O What’s up with the mask again?

    And I hope it wasn’t a full cancellation of the vampire game, but just a ‘hold up’…But who knows?

    And Square-Enix is making a horror-adventure for the DS, called Nanashi no Game. Its story is kinda based on Ringu: it’s about a cursed game

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