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As we approach Halloween the horror games begin to land in quick succession. Silent Hill: Homecoming and Dead Space (which is mysteriously missing from my database–gotta fix that) are out and have been met by mediocre and favorable reviews, respectively. Forums member suedepup also passed along this awesome information about leaked videos for a new Wii horror game called Calling. Since this is leaked PR material the game is still officially in rumor status, but the videos of gameplay look really great; sort of like a modern, Japanese horror-themed version of Echo Night: Beyond.

Tomorrow I board a plane with a crapload of bags, and eleven hours later I shall arrive (exhausted) in my new country of residence, Japan. See you on the flip side!

3 thoughts on “Releases and Rumors

  1. I see what you mean, it looks kinda like a cross between Project Zero and Echo Night: Beyond.

    Hopefully it has better controls than Echo Night though (and i can’t imagine why it wouldn’t) because that’s the only thing that stops me from playing it, it’s beautiful and atmospheric but not having the option to invert the camera when you set it to the analogue stick and having the shoulder buttons look up and down by default (the only other available control scheme) has made the game really uncomfertable for me to play and it ruins the whole experience if you’re unable to become fully immersed due to the fact that it feels like you’re having to thumb wrestle with a transformer.

    Hope the move goes well, take it easy mr Chris.

    I’m only two levels in, but so far I’m really impressed with Dead Space. The environments are done really well, the sound design is some of the best I’ve heard, the combat is great so far, the upgrade system is awesome, the UI is integrated so well into the world…

    I haven’t disliked anything yet except that there have been a few tough spots, but I’m on hard so that’s expected. My guess is it gets worse later down the road, but the first two levels so far have been a great gaming experience.

  3. DeadSpace is definatly worth the money. Has a great story, gameplay is topnotch, prettymuch flawless, there is not an abundance of ammoe, even though there is a store. It borrows from very succesfull formulas, and I think dose them better than the previouse games (some atleast).

    personally, its in my top 5 favorite games already. And the upgrade system is superb, didnt seam very survival horror to me at all, but it fits great. And it takes thought and stategy to procede through the game, there is backtracking (but I love that aspect, more of a realistic way to play), and the world looks magnificent and breathtaking. I would highly recomend you get this sooner than most games on your list. You dont want to miss out.

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