NTT is Japanese for “sloth”

I’ve been in Japan for a month now. I signed a lease on an apartment at the beginning of November. I won’t have an internet connection until the middle of December. I am so behind on the happenings of the world (whoa, we have a new president!), particularly the survival horror world. My games are still in transit and I haven’t been playing anything other than Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles for the DS, which I am enjoying despite its pretty awful metacritic score. Here’s some stuff that I managed to hear about lately: there’s an interview with Cursed Mountain’s developers about the game (thanks forums member suedepup) and an interesting-sounding conference on horror games that’s been announced for early next year. I have a blog post about the transition from traditional horror games to action-oriented horror games half-written on my computer, but until I can find a way to connect the damn thing to the rest of the world the post itself will have to wait. super dramatic sigh

2 thoughts on “NTT is Japanese for “sloth”

  1. Moving in is never easy.
    When you get a chance a would like to see that blog post. I believe action horror is going to be what saves the genre, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.

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