Us niche blogs gotta stick together

A friend sent me a link to a crazy blog this evening. Cunzy1 1’s Dinosaurs in Games blog is blog in which the author is attempting to catalog (and rate in terms of scientific accuracy) every instance of dinosaurs (or dinosaur bones) appearing in video games. The site was sent to me because his most recent post is about a project I worked on last year, Google Lively, but I love the site as a whole because it’s so focused and niche. Cunzy1 1 is clearly an expert in this field, and though the blog is still pretty young, it’s clearly a labor of love (and yes, he’s got Dino Crisis covered). I can relate to blogging about an extremely focused topic, especially one that is related to games, and Cunzy1 1’s Dinosaurs in Games blog made me smile. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Us niche blogs gotta stick together

  1. Yeah its an interesting blog. I think it is humurous enough to be if interest and I like the idea of him looking for EVERY instance of dinosaur appearances.

    I guess the only thing is that the way its laid out is a bit tough on the eyes – all on one page is a bit much.

    Really enjoyed your article on Atmosphere / difficulty.

    I’m too lazy to sign in to that guy’s blog, but for anyone who has an account and wants to do this on my behalf:

    Tell him that there are dinosaur bones that come to life in the game “Lego Bat Man.” I’m not sure if he has “Lego Bat Man” on his list already.

    There is a “villian” level of “Lego Bat Man” where you put some dinosaur bones together (a big T-Rex and a small one), and your Lego character can jump on it and ride it around.

    Obviously, the “Turok” games have dinos in them. (He probabaly already has those on his list, I’d imagine.)

    I own one of the Turok games (called “Turok: Evolution”), and it definitely has dinosaurs in it. It’s been years since I played that game, but I remember being chased around by a grouchy T-Rex.

    If I’m not mistaken, the “King Kong” video game (based on the movie that came out a few years ago) has dinos in it, or dino-like creatures.

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