The Grand Hyatt Taipei-Umbrella Connection

The lobby. There’s no mistake: this is zombie territory.

I’m in Taiwan this weekend for work. I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt Taipei, which is a pretty classy hotel, and happens to be across the street from a seriously huge building. Since this is our first time in Taiwan, my family and I have been visiting the local hot spots, eating dinner at outdoor night markets, and generally acting like clueless tourists. We’re lucky to speak the two non-native languages that seem most accepted here, English and Japanese, and getting around hasn’t been a problem.

However, I noticed that the Grand Hyatt has a particular motif repeated across the stone floor of its lobby. The symbol seemed strangely familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. It wasn’t until I noticed the pattern covering the floor of an elevator that it hit me–the Grand

A close-up of the logo.

Hyatt is clearly a front for Umbrella.

Vanity is a terrible weakness, and Umbrella falls for it every time. No matter what sort of secret laboratory or hazardous waste facility they may construct, they always brand the hell out of everything with their logo. It’s like they were worried that people wouldn’t know who was responsible for releasing zombies upon the unsuspecting populous.

And as we can see, here in the Grand Hyatt Taipei, the tradition continues. We can safely surmise that the hotel is either an Umbrella front, or is innocently reusing a building that was originally constructed for the purposes of nefarious research. Either way, it’s obvious that a secret lab lurks beneath the hotel. We just need to find the Jack of Spades Key to enter the locked door that will lead us underground.

7 thoughts on “The Grand Hyatt Taipei-Umbrella Connection

  1. Have you tried pushing around any statues? Or changing the orders of paintings? These umbrella fellas can be tricky…

  2. ahahahah 😀

    There should be a luna park with the mansion of RE 1 with zombies (!!) somewhere in Japan. Have you ever visited it?

  3. I’m actually in Taiwan as well at the moment visiting friends.
    I got here about 2 weeks ago, so we were probably in Taipei at the same time, maybe even in the same night market.

    Also, my girlfriend used to work at Taipei 101.
    We’re supposed to go check it out sometime, it must have a great view.

    Although I am a bit scared of heights.

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