Platforms: PSX
Release Date: 1999-09-30
Regions: USA Japan

Summary by forums user Innominatus:

Briefly summarized: the premise is very unique, but it’s very flawed in execution. Your girlfriend Sarah is possessed by an evil force, and you must enter her mind and fight the evil in order to save her. Gameplay is very simple- you travel (in first person) through pre-rendered screens that are connected by short FMV’s [though I’ve never played it, it’s similar to what I’ve heard about D]. You can only move in preset directions depending on your location, and pick up/manipulate items. Without going into too much depth or spoiling anything, there’s basically an overworld that you must go through (the first half of the game), and 8 elseworlds, which are 8 stories where you’ll travel to a different place, seemingly unconnected to the main plot. These vary, but are all generally quite fun to play through- in one, you’ll find yourself in a forest with murdered bodies all around, all with their eyes removed. In another, you’re in a futuristic prison, where strange experiments are taking place and you must determine the cause behind it.